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Metalife is recognized for its high quality extruded products, with fineness of their surfaces. Metalife is famous, for its variety, range of surface treatments like electrostatic power coating, anodizing, polishing and wood finish coating.

From our beginning as aluminum extrusion organization our patrons consider us competitive in pricing, leading in quality, innovation and being futuristic for suggestions, complains.

Our proficiency, in manufacturing aluminum extrusion provides various uses for architectural, industrial and conventional functions. The entire, on location manufacturing process includes: billet casting, mould design, aluminum extrusion, finishing and packing. We also provide additional services such as prototyping, design and engineering assistance.

Our extrusion quality has been long-established, and acknowledged, respect. In an effort to preserve the high quality assurance and at the same time fulfill the needs of our patrons, we have equipped our outfit with the latest prevailing technology and we afford substantial, proportion of our budget in research and development to keep improvement in our manufacturing skills.


Billets: AA6063
Hot long furnace: PLC Controlled
Extrusions Press Process: German & Japanese Technology
Front loading ovens: Safe and Speedy operations
Automatic pulling & cutting: State of the Art
Stretching Table: Fully Automatic
Finish saw: High Precision
Anodizing Process: Scratch free smooth surface
Neutralization Plant: 100% Safe to touch
Profile Handling: Scratchless & Glowing Packaging
R&D: Design Department
Power Generation: 24/7 Continuous power Supply