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Welcome to Metalife Aluminum

Metalife is recognized for its high quality extruded products, with fineness of their surfaces. Metalife is famous, for its variety, range of surface treatments like electrostatic power coating, anodizing, polishing and wood finish coating.

From our beginning as aluminum extrusion organization our patrons consider us competitive in pricing, leading in quality, innovation and being futuristic for suggestions, complains.

Our proficiency, in manufacturing aluminum extrusion provides various uses for architectural, industrial and conventional functions. The entire, on location manufacturing process includes: billet casting, mould design, aluminum extrusion, finishing and packing. We also provide additional services such as prototyping, design and engineering assistance.

Our extrusion quality has been long-established, and acknowledged, respect. In an effort to preserve the high quality assurance and at the same time fulfill the needs of our patrons, we have equipped our outfit with the latest prevailing technology and we afford substantial, proportion of our budget in research and development to keep improvement in our manufacturing skills.


The entire distinction, between a simple and innovation is loved after and loved before it exist as, creation consumes heart with the mind. At Metalife, all individuals believe in objective, of unparallel satisfaction of their consumers as land mark, for which they strive for. We at Metalife think great because “Big thinking Pave the way for great achievements”.


“To provide advanced aluminum solution, first-rate services capable of ongoing competitiveness and support ability to win, win profitable growth situation for our customers. Business allies and satisfaction of society we operate in”.


At Metalife establishment, we value integrity and openness. This mind set extends to our customers, suppliers, community and employees. For us people are assets and clients are our fortune. Our motivation is the great gift of nature. We love nature, therefore introduce nature friendly products for our society.